3 Sings That You Need Couples Counseling

All relationships have highs and lows, it’s something inevitable. Over time, there will be heated discussions between the two of you that will spark because of various reasons, including jealousy, work, money, kids, and more. But these discussions usually pass, and you patch things up and move on. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for all couples, some people drifting apart from each other due to an accumulation of unresolved issues. Instead of letting your love fade away, the best thing to do is to get couples counseling when things start to go really bad. If you want to find out which are the 3 signs that you need couples counseling, read the following lines.

1. Everything seems to trigger fights between the two of you

Fights start in couples because of a lot of reasons. Some are minor reasons like the fact that he left his socks in the middle of the room, while other reasons are more serious. But when everything seems to trigger a fight between the two of you, it’s clear that you’re in trouble. If all you do when you’re both at home is to nag each other on the smallest and biggest issues that you can find, and you continuously yell at each other or you ignore one another completely, you have a big problem. This gets even worse for individuals who are extremely stubborn, none of the two wanting to let go of an argument. Instead of letting things get out of hand, take couples counseling to resolve your issues. A therapist is an impartial person who is able to discern who is at fault better than the two of you, and who can help you with professional advice in order to make the two of you patch things up.

2. You don’t speak to each other anymore

Another clear sign that you need couples counseling is that you don’t speak to each other anymore. Complete silence is just as bad as yelling in a relationship. If the problems between the two of you have caused you to become two strangers who live under the same roof, you will inevitably break up. When you feel like there’s no reason to talk to your lover anymore, and everything that he or she does annoys you to the point where you would rather sleep than see that person, take couples counseling immediately. The situation will surely be remedied there because the counselor will know how to handle the two of you in order to open up to each other and fix the issues that are causing you to drift apart.

3. You start to lead separate lives

As time passes and the two of you don’t talk to each other, and when you talk you just shout and disagree about everything, you will inevitably start to lead separate lives. For example, you won’t go out with each other anymore on dates, but rather go out with friends. Also, you won’t be interested in doing fun activities together, but rather with other people. As you start to live separate lives, one of two things will inevitably happen – either you will both move on and find other people, or you will go on with your lives living like two college roommates who don’t get along and who don’t do anything together. Instead of letting things escalate, take couples counseling and repatch your relationship so that the two of you will live a happy and normal life together again.