Cool Gifts that Your Teen Daughter Will Appreciate

Teen girls are usually pretentious and hard to please. They are especially difficult to understand for their parents. When a special occasion comes up and you have to buy a gift for your beloved daughter, it’s clear that you don’t want to spend your money on something that she won’t appreciate. Even worse, if she doesn’t like the gift, she might consider that you don’t know her well enough or that you are inconsiderate. Therefore, if you want to get closer to her and to make the relationship between you and your teen daughter stronger, you have to give her the perfect gift when her birthday or another special occasion comes up. To find out which are the cool gifts that she will surely appreciate, making her happy and bringing you closer together, read the following lines.

Xtava Pro Satin flat iron

Let’s face it, all teen girls are obsessed with doing their hair. Some of them even act like their entire week is ruined if they have a bad hair day. You can take advantage of your daughter’s obsession to style her hair in order to give her the perfect gift. For her to straighten and style her hair however she likes, give her the Xtava Pro Satin flat iron. This cool hair styling device comes at the price of $59. The temperature of this model ranges from 265 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit. It features temperature regulation to prevent burning her hair. The ceramic tourmaline plates that the flat iron features ensure that this model is perfect for her, no matter her hair type. In addition, it takes only 90 seconds for it to heat up and be ready for use. Therefore, she won’t waste a lot of time styling her hair before she goes to school.

SHANY SH-221 Carry All Trunk Makeup Set

Teen girls are as passionate about makeup as they are about hair styling. This is the age when they start experimenting with different makeup styles, and when they discover what suits their appearance best. A great gift that you can give to your teen daughter and that she will surely appreciate is the SHANY SH-221 Carry All Trunk Makeup Set that comes at the price of around $715. It might be pricey, but it’s an investment worth making because of the superior quality of the makeup products. The fact that it comes in a portable double-sided aluminum case makes it not only ideal for saving space on the vanity table, but it allows her to easily carry it when she goes away on vacations as well. This set contains a blush brush, 2 eye shadow brushes, 3 dual-sided eye shadow sponges, a dual-sided eyebrow comb/brush, 4 eye shadow pallets, 2 lip liners, 2 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, 2 blushes, 2 eyeliners, 4 nail varnishes, and a bronzer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone

An obvious gift that will make your teen daughter happy is a new smartphone. For your teen daughter to take high-quality selfies and pictures, we recommend that you give her the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. It comes at the price of around $665. It comes in 4 colors to choose from which include silver, titanium silver, black, and pink. The stylish design will surely swoop her off her feet, and she will instantly fall in love with this smartphone. It features a fast 60-minute battery charging that ensures she won’t be separated from the device for too long. This model is highly performant due to its impressive octa-core processor. The generous internal memory ensures that she can take as many pictures as she likes, and she can download all the music that she loves on it. In addition, this smartphone is water and dust resistant. Therefore, it will last her for years to come.