How to Choose the Best Crib Mattress

A baby sleeps in the crib for up to 3 years. During the first stages of growth, babies need the perfect sleeping environment in order to stay healthy and strong. Therefore, to ensure that your little ray of sunshine will have the perfect sleeping conditions to grow harmoniously, you must invest in a quality crib mattress that will offer superior comfort and support. To learn what you must look for in order to make the best choice possible, read the following lines.

Go with an organic crib mattress

Organic mattresses might be a little more expensive, but they are superior in quality, ensuring a safe environment for the small one. These mattresses are made of all-natural or organic materials such as wool, natural latex, plant-based foam, or cotton. What makes organic mattresses the best choice for cribs is the fact that they don’t emit toxic gasses, they don’t contain any substances that could harm the baby, and they are free of chemicals and nocive compounds found in standard mattresses.

Make sure that the mattress fits the crib perfectly

Before purchasing the crib mattress, make sure that you take precise measurements in order to purchase the perfect mattress which won’t leave any space between its side and the crib frame. Otherwise, there is the danger of entrapment or suffocation. Therefore, don’t take your chances and measure the space in which the mattress will be put in order to ensure that you’re buying a perfect fit.

Go for a firmer mattress that provides the necessary support

As an adult, the perfect type of mattress for you is a medium firm mattress that offers the ideal amount of support, while ensuring that there will be no back pain caused by too much stiffness. On the other hand, when you’re purchasing a crib mattress, superior firmness is what you must look for. Unlike us, babies need to sit on a perfectly flat surface that offers the best support for their growing bodies.

Don’t forget about the cover

Last but not least, you mustn’t forget to purchase a cover for the crib mattress. We recommend that you go with a triple laminated ticking reinforced with nylon. This type of cover is more resistant to water, tears, and soggy diapers. Usually, organic mattresses come with their own cotton covers. But it’s better to purchase another cover separately to make sure that the crib is completely waterproof.