How to Get Your Baby to Fall Asleep Faster

Whoever said they sleep well like a baby, probably never struggled to put a baby down to sleep and had to resort to all kinds of tricks to trick them into sleeping. To save you from the struggle, here are some useful tips on how to get your baby to fall asleep faster so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Try a soothing massage

It’s known that a massage relaxes the muscles and the senses so it might just work with your baby. Before tucking them into bed, gently massage their back, neck, legs, and arms with slow movements that will bring a feeling of flabbiness, just perfect for a long night sleep.

Sing them a lullaby song

Music is always a great way to make babies sleep because it has a soothing effect that relaxes their brain and tells it it’s time to focus on sleeping. If you are not good at singing, get the baby a sound machine with recorded songs and sounds that mimic nature. The sound machine also features a white noise option that is like a buzzing that masks disturbing sounds so the baby will fall asleep easier. MyBaby from Homedics is a useful sound machine with a projector that will come in handy during bedtime.

Get a swing crib

Many babies fall asleep while the mother swings them because the movement induces a state of sleepiness. To make things easier for you, get a crib that easily swings due to curved feet that allow you to swing it with little effort. This will definitely help the baby fall asleep faster and will keep your hands rested.

Make good use of lights

During the day, the baby senses a bright light that invites them to playtime but at night, a little darkness could be just the key to making them fall asleep. Create a bedtime routine by using dimming lights that gradually turn off so the baby will sense that it is time for bed. Repeat the routine a few times until the baby understands that darkness means nap time.

Give them a warm bath

Even you, as an adult, feel sleepy and relaxed after a long warm bath so why not try this with your baby? Usually, babies take a bath before going to bed so they won’t move around with the opened pores but this could actually be a trick to make them fall asleep faster. Give them a warm bath just before going to bed so they will feel sleepy and soft and won’t have the energy to fight the sleepiness.