Safe Room Heaters for the Child’s Room

Room heaters are often a cause of accidents in small children left unsupervised because they represent an electrical and heat hazard. Therefore, you must carefully choose the heater that will warm up the little one’s room and you must never leave the unit running unattended. Before making a purchase, have a look at these room heaters that are perfectly safe for the child’s room.

Sunpentown SPT SH-1507 Mini Tower

A heater for your kid’s room needs to be silent and this one sure is as quiet as it can be. The hot ceramic element stays well hidden inside the housing so the little one won’t be ale to touch it but the heat manages to spread around the room even without a noisy fan. The tower fan can be easily tucked into a corner out of the child’s reach and it even turns off if it’s tilted so there will be no risk of fire in case it falls over.

De’Longhi HVY1030 Fan

Although this heater uses a fan to distribute heat, the plastic grate at the front keeps a barrier between the rotating blades and the child’s fingers and remains cool to touch. This model also turns off is tipped and even better, it shuts down if it is accidentally covered with a piece of clothing. Talk about safety in use! The multiple color choices make it great for a colorful kid’s room.

Dyson Hot

The stunning design is what hits you first when you lay eyes on this sleek room heater. Once you get past that, you notice the innovative technology that creates hot air in an aperture so the warmth is spread without the use of fan blades. This means that the child can get near the heater and touch it without the smallest risk of getting hurt.

Ryzen H-5000 Pro

This infrared heater is a great choice for the kid’s room because it is easily portable and remains cool to touch so it won’t pose a risk to the kid’s safety. For added safety, the unit turns off if tipped and has a control panel lock to prevent the kids from operating it. It distributes a pleasant warmth that is mild to the child’s sensitive skin and you can choose from multiple heat levels.