Safety Tips for Taking the Kids to the Spa with You

It’s fun to take the kids to the spa and offer them a pampering but it can also be dangerous unless you know which are the safety precautions that you need to take. If you follow our safety tips, you can be certain that the visit at the spa will be a real delight.

Choose a high-quality spa

The spa you are taking the kids to must be extremely clean and the services provided must be of a reasonable quality that will not endanger your and your kids’ health and safety. Always check the cleanliness of the towels, the water in the hot tub, or the interior of the sauna because this is where most germs develop and many diseases can be contracted. Ensure that the cleaning staff has done their job and that you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the spa.

Keep an eye on the kids

Even if the kids are enjoying a safe and simple spa treatment, you need to check on them every once in a while just to make sure they are not in any danger. The spa you are taking them to should have special staff that accompanies children or a special room where the little ones can relax and play while their parents enjoy their day at the spa.

Choose age-appropriate spa treatments

If you want the kids to get a spa treatment, choose one that is appropriate for their age and that doesn’t pose a risk to their health and safety. A mild massage, a facial for cleansing the pores, a manicure or a skin exfoliation can’t harm the kids and can improve their aspect and health in many ways. Don’t allow the kids to use spa devices and equipment that are designed for adults.

Create a safe environment for the kids

When using the sauna or the hot tub, make sure the temperatures are not very high but just perfect for your little ones to enjoy themselves. Also, if the hot tub is too tall for the kid to sit in the water while keeping their head out, they should not be using it. Remember that the purpose of the spa visit is to relax and not to suffer from heat exhaustion or other issues that could threaten their safety.

Keep them hydrated in high temperatures

Most spa treatments involve high temperatures that can be risky for children unless you take good care of them. While sitting in the hot tub or during a sauna session, advise the kids to drink water that will balance the loss of water through sweating. The sauna or hot tub session should not last longer than 15 minutes at a medium temperature

Don’t let the kids alone in the water

There should always be an adult around children swimming or using a hot tub because the risk of drowning is very high. Kids should only immerse in the water to their waistline and this is only possible with some seats that the spa needs to put at your disposal.